Complete Script for Snapchat Clone

It comes with iOS and Android app for your customers with a powerful admin dashboard you can control it all from.


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If you are


An entrepreneur looking to startup in the On-Demand economy boom


A business owner looking to Uberize your business operations and give your customers amazing comfort


A consultant/development firm looking to buy our product and deliver to your client as your whitelabel solution

You’ve come to right place! What we have here is completely whitelabel venture-in-a-box! For just $999 we shall setup a scalable Server, install your powerful Admin Dashboard, setup Web App for your users, change logo & creative pieces like Splash Screen etc, recompile and launch iOS and Android native apps for your customers and providers. All in your own brand!


Upload Photos & Videos

Capture images using the custom camera screen on the snapchat clone. Capture a 10 second video.


Set timer for Uploads

Set a timer to make the photo disappear from the recipient’s app after a fixed time inline with the ephemeral image concept of snapchat


Image Editing

You can edit the photos that you wish to upload with our crisp editing software. Upload them and find more likes.


See & Invite

Use your custom login to find who is using the app in your contact list and send invite to those who didn’t.


Share Privately

You can also share the photos or videos that you take in your phone with your app friends. Keep them posted on what you’re doing.


Block Users

You can block any users that you wish to no longer be friends with them.

Server Requirement


Linux Operating System

Enabled PHP CURL

PHP Version : 5.4+

Mysql Version 5.0

XMPP server with Ejabbered 15.09 version

We recommendsnapchat-clone-script-digital-ocean-logo

When you signup with this LINK you get a $10 discount

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User Panel

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Paid Plugins

VOIP Calls $2999

For a small cost we will be able to build in VOIP calls inside of the app so that none of your providers and customers will be able to share each others’ numbers

Custom Stickers

It’s good to provide options to your users. You can integrate this module in the application where you can keep your users engaged with the custom stickers.

Custom Filters

Not just the stickers. You can also integrate this module too.

Snapchat for Business

You can introduce this module for business. The top stories or featured posts will appear here and you can monetise using this feature.

Adservice Integration

Facility to integrate adservice modules upon your request.

Language Translation $199

The entire Sneakpeek apps, website and backend will be translated to a language of your choice. Down to all the button labels, login text etc

What We Offer


Mobile Apps

Whitelabel iOS and Android apps for your users and providers all built in native iOS and Android source code for brilliant execution

Web App

A featureful front end website for your users to login, posts snaps, watch others snaps and chat with others.

Admin Dashboard

You also get a powerful Admin Dashboard to control your entire business from validating and approving different user groups to adding different payment methods

100% Customizable

The entire code of the Server, Admin Dashboard, iOS and Android apps are given with unencrypted code and complete documentation

Credit Card & Paypal

Sneakpeek is built with Paypal Mobile SDK, Stripe Credit Card Processing and Cash on Delivery as default available methods. We can add more upon request

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • With this option, anyone who is looking to work on a part time basis can signup to be one of your Channel Maintainer for the control that only your app gives them on their schedule

    This could even be a recruitment marketing point for your startup to get students to try working for you and make a buck. The most selfie obsessed virally sharing providers you could ask for.

  • Although there is a perfectly good email Signup system, most people will feel comfortable with social logins such as Facebook and Google+

    By offering this, you reduce the friction for new users to try out your service by not making them fill up a bunch of forms to get started

    But if you like more control like wanting only with people with certain email ids to be able to use your app, a small customization can fix it so that only people of your office/team are using your app

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All of this and more at $699